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John's PDF (pretty darn fine) Recipes for Dog Trainers

Fast Pace Chick Pea Bake

This dish is incredibly quick to prepare, very tasty and nutritious. It is an ideal dish for dog trainers on the go. An ideal dish for agility competitors as it will turbo charge your runs (watch out for the wind).

Bonzo's Potatoes

A spicy, really tasty potato dish, which can be used as an accompaniment to the Fast Pace Chick Pea Bake.

High In Trial Starter

The advantage of this dish is that it can be made before your competition, kept in the refrigerator, and eaten to celebrate your triumphant return.

Yellow Split Pea Tracking Soup

A brilliant hearty, warming soup (dahl) for when you return home on a cold winter's day after being out in the open fields tracking your dog.

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