Breed Specific Play Weekend, Nottingham, UK

Saturday 8th July 2017 to Sunday 9th July 2017


Recognising the importance of play to mentally and physically stimulate our dogs and build that all important bond between owner and dog. Understanding dog behaviour can develop even more successful play, and will assist us in recognising what is appropriate play between dogs.


John Rogerson, is a world renowned dog trainer and behaviourist and will help you achieve the Ultimate goal to play with your dog in a friendly kind and more importantly fun way. This is a fun and practical weekend for handlers and dogs to get involved.


Due to the description of the course we are after lots of different breeds so we will have to put a maximum 2 of any one breed rule and this will be booked on a first come basis, so handlers should book early to avoid disappointment.


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Or call Bev on: +447742950980

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** Places are limited and booking up fast **