Announcing a 10 day Advanced dog training and behaviour course in Dali China

COURSE: International True2Life® Dog Training and Behavior Problem Solving
LEVEL: 3 (10 days)



Dali, China 2017

John Rogerson, one of the world’s leading canine behaviourists and trainers, along with his training partner Miya Guo, will be conducting their much in demand 10 day Advanced dog training and behaviour course in Dali, China, starting on the 25th of November 2017.

This exciting and fun-packed course will be conducted near to the ancient town of Dali which is a mere 7 kilometers away. Students will learn the finer nuances of canine training and behaviour and simultaneously enjoy Chinese food, culture and traditions.


This course is equivalent to level 3 and 4 of the True2Life® International accreditation for dog trainer/behaviourists.

This is a course that is designed for trainers who have had more than three years’ practical experience training dogs. It is not intended as a course for students who are interested in becoming dog trainers who have no prior experience as we will not cover any of the basic training exercises such as walking on a lead or coming when called as these are the subjects covered on the 20 day True2Life® course or other 3, 4 and 5 day courses.

For the first six days of this training programme we will look at the world of dog competitions in order to improve the students understanding of training dogs for high performance exercises. This part of the course focuses on precision training both on and off lead with the emphasis being on getting the dog to work reliably and accurately when off the lead.

Although we reserve the right to change the exercises dependant on the dogs that we use the list below represents just some of the extensive list of exercises that we can choose from.

  • Sendaway and sit or lie down in a marked position
  • Competition heelwork including sit, stand and down and changes of pace.
  • Retrieve, present and finish to heel
  • Recall on the move with the dog joining to heel
  • Sit stay, Down stay and Stand stay
  • Control at a distance
  • Speak (bark) on command
  • Food refusal
  • Jump and obstacle training
  • Nosework training
  • Earthquake rescue training

And many, many more exercises that are available to us.

The second part of the training programme will focus on the art of instructing owners on how to train their dogs and will include practical sessions on running group training classes and also on one to one lessons. During this second phase you will be required to practice your skills at teaching other students on the course to train a dog to carry out some simple behaviours.

We also take a look at behaviour counseling and problem solving and will use real case histories to illustrate the work of a behaviour counselor.

For the practical training you will work with one dog and a second trainer during the first part of the course. For the second part of the course you will work with several dogs in a small training group which we also use for the group training instructing lessons.

We will take only 18 pre selected students on this course who fit our criteria for previous training experience.


What we need from you.

What we are asking for are students who committed to the world of dogs with a passion not only to work with dogs, but to make a difference in their communities when returning home after graduating from the course. We also need you to have the determination to succeed and the ability to work and live with a group of like - minded students for 10 days. You will also need to be flexible and open minded in your approach to dogs and people. Remember that we can teach anyone who has a real passion to learn.

Your certificate at the course completion will be issued by two organisations, The Northern Centre for Canine Behaviour , UK and Qinglan International Canine Behaviour and Training Centre in China. This certificate will reflect what you have learned on the course and hopefully will set you in good stead for your work within the world of dogs. 

There will be a written (open book) examination during the last phase of the course and the students will also undergo continuous course assessment for the practical training. is no formal practical examination. Students who pass the exams will receive either a standard pass, or advanced pass depending on the level that they achieve and this will be written on their dog training certificate. Guidance will also be given on how obtain the most advanced master dog trainer and behaviourist accreditation which is based on international dog training and behaviour standards. Places are very strictly limited to just 18 students so be sure to apply early to avoid disappointment. After that number has been reached we then keep a standby list in case any of the students who have booked a place have to cancel. THIS COURSE WILL FILL QUICKLY so to book your place you will need to contact the course organiser Qinglan International Canine Behaviour and training centre by e mail to:

The cost of the course INCLUDES accommodation from the 25th of November until the 4th of December and all meals.

Tea and coffee will be available as required, soft drinks, alcohol, snacks and sweets are not included in the cost of the course.