Course dates for 2017 - 2018

John Rogerson/Miya Guo, Dog training/ behaviour Course details 2017 -2018

12th – 21st of May Argus Ranch 10 day advanced True2Life dog training and behaviour course USA Contact Holly Leale

25th – 28th of May Hondenclub Whisper 4 day CSI course – Belgium contact

3rd – 6th of June In Line dog training club 4 day ultimate recall course – Nottingham Nottingham contact

9th and 10th June Family dog services 2 day recall course – Kent contact

8th and 9th July In Line dog training 2 day breed specific play course – Nottingham contact

13th – 16th July 4 day CSI course – Birmingham contact Dawn Cox

22nd - 23rd July 2 day dog training course -Kilkenny, Ireland  contact

5th and 6th August 2 day recall course - South Lanarkshire, Scotland contact

2nd and 3rd September Horse and dog rally – East Sussex contact

9th and 10th of Sept 2 day rally working trials course – Kent contact

3rd – 7th October 5 day CSI/survivor course – Beijing, China contact Sarah Li

10th – 13th October 4 day canine and feline behaviour course for pet shop owners – Chengdu, China Contact Brian Dong

3rd – 22nd November 20 day True2Life® dog training and behaviour course, Dali, China contact

25th Nov – 4th Dec 10 day True2Life® Advanced dog training and behaviour course, Dali, China contact

15th – 17th December 3 day ski dog course – Haerbin, China



2018 Dates

3rd – 7th January 2018 5 day CSI/survivor course – India – contact

7th – 10th January 4 day ultimate recall course – India contact

Late January/early February - 7 day practical dog training and behaviour course working with shelter dogs at the amazing Bon Jardin sanctuary, shelter and training facility in Thailand. Dates, cost and content will be announced soon.